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About us

My name is Ben Vaughan and im the owner of House of Aquatics.

I personally have been in Aquatics for 27 years, we are a family run business and customer care is a priority along with the aim to forge good relations and repeat custom. 

The staff we employ are all fish keepers and have been for many years, we all have a very good knowledge of all products we stock so if your unsure please get in touch.

We offer a massive range of stock and the inventory is growing daily. Our stock holding is of well over 6000 dry product lines.

 Our retail store is just over 6000 square feet and we keep a huge range of fish in store with over 15,000 tropical fish, 400 marine fish, 500 corals, 4500 invertebrates and 3000 coldwater fish along with high grade Japanese Koi.